Edition 2024

In 2024, Paris will host two major international events: the Olympic Games... and the Grenaches du Monde!

GRENACHES DU MONDE 2024 IN PARIS: an olympic edition!

GRENACHES DU MONDE 2024 IN PARIS: an olympic edition!

In Paris in May, Grenache wines will also be making a splash in the French capital after causing a sensation in New York, in North America. This return to Europe promises to be an exceptional occasion, bringing together the best Grenache wines from all over the world!

A dynamic, business-like format: Grenaches du Monde is designed to appeal to a demanding and influential audience of professional tasters from all over the world, to discover the richness and diversity of this emblematic grape variety.

A time for sharing and conviviality, Grenaches du Monde celebrates the culture and expertise of Grenache producers from all over the world. A not-to-be-missed event in the calendar, it highlights all the producers and all the regions that make Grenache wines, whether red, rosé, white, sweet or sparkling.

This twelfth edition promises to be a consecration for this unique grape variety, which is winning over more and more wine lovers and consumers around the world.

Back to Europe for the "Grenache Trotters"... After New York: destination Paris, Olympic and Grenache capital in May 2024!


"It is with great pleasure that I announce another exciting milestone for the Grenaches du Monde International Competition. After the success of our 2023 edition in New York, we are delighted to announce that the next location for this travelling competition will be Paris, the Olympic capital in 2024. In May, we'll be holding the 12th Grenaches du Monde in the heart of the City of Light. This is a major step for our competition, and we are convinced that Paris, with its cultural heritage and love of the art of living, will be the perfect setting to celebrate the diversity and excellence of the Grenache grape variety.
Grenache has become a trendy grape variety over the years, winning over professionals and consumers the world over. This stopover in Paris will provide a luxury platform to highlight the exceptional wines made from this emblematic grape variety."

Fabrice Rieu, President of the Grenaches du Monde International Competition

GRENACHES DU MONDE 2024 IN PARIS: an olympic edition!

Competition location

Paris - France