The panel of judges


The wines presented are subjected to blind tasting by a jury of wine professionals and wine advisors from over 15 different countries, who have the delicate task of distinguishing the best wines made from the Grenache grape variety.

The tasters are renowned for their expertise, and include sommeliers, journalists, wine merchants, oenologists and buyers from all over the world, ensuring that the results are as objective as possible.

The International Grenaches Competition seen by André DOMINE,
journalist in Germany

The International Grenaches Competition seen by Toni FALGUERAS,
wine cellars in Catalonia



Grenache wines taking centre stage - this is an initiative everyone has been waiting for! It is a celebration of diversity, the cornerstone of southern vineyards that lends itself to many different interpretations ... Each vineyard presents its Grenache as a heritage to interpret.


I would like to sincerely thank you for having invited me to the Grenaches du Monde competition. Everything went flawlessly. I hope that you will continue to run this great initiative !

United Kingdom

I think this competition is a very good development ! One of the most prestigious, promising Mediterranean wine growing regions finally now has its own annual event.

Frédéric GALTIER
Spain and Belgium

The compliments of the curators present at the competition have elicited pride, gratification and strong motivation to pay more attention to improving the quality of the wines produced by our vineyard.

Mariano MURRU
Ĺ’nologist and Technical Director