Terms of issue of samples

All samples participating in the competition (except those from outside the European Union) must be centralised at the CIVR before being sent to the USA.

Each sample (except those from Sardinia) must therefore be received before April 12, 2023 at the Entrepôt – CIVR – 19 Avenue de Grande Bretagne – BP 649 – 66006 Perpignan Cedex – France – Tel : 0033 4 68 51 21 22.

Delivery times, Monday to Friday from 8.15am to 12.30pm and from 1.45pm to 5pm (except Friday 4.30pm).

For samples from Sardinia who wish to benefit from the grouped shipment organised by LAORE, the samples must be sent before March 31st to:

Via Santa Maria n° 6 – località Pardu Nou – 09070 Siamaggiore (OR)
Tel. 0783 036 6512

Referente per la CONSEGNA DEI VINI
Donatella Muscianese
Tel.  0783 036 6512 – cell. +39 333 4930508

Orari consegna VINI: ESCLUSIVAMENTE dal LUNEDI’ al GIOVEDI’ dalle ore 09.30 alle ore 12.30

Le spese di spedizione e di trasporto fino alla sede di Siamaggiore sono a carico dei partecipanti.

NB: After this date, samples must be sent directly to Perpignan

For wines from outside the European Union, please contact us to arrange logistics: contact@grenachesdumonde.com  

The shipment to the CIVR is made at the participant’s expense and risk (postage, customs, and taxes at the sender’s expense). Any sample sent́ postage due will be refused. Any non-compliant sample will not be returned, all samples remaining the propertý of the organiser. The choice of carrier is at the discretion of the participant.