Conditions for organising tastings

Absolute anonymity is a fundamental principle of a competition. The jurors must not know the identification of the wine, its origins, its price, its marks, and awards obtained, thus demonstrating total confidentiality. The programme  European Garnacha/Grenache Quality Wine guarantees the tasters optimal conditions for tasting.

Each wine is tasted individually and not comparatively. Each juror receives a tasting sheet. The assessment of the wines will be descriptive and will include comments on:

  • the visual aspect – the impression on the palate
  • the olfactory aspect – the overall impression

The European Garnacha/Grenache Quality Wines programme ensures the smooth running of the GRENACHES DU MONDE competition by preparing the samples and organising and carrying out the tasting on site in the USA.

Awards: The awards system adopted is an appreciation system allowing the classification of the wines in competition according to their intrinsic qualities. The CIVR defines the awards (medals and points) which are for the 2 parts of the G.D.M. Competition

  •  Double Gold = 96-100
  •  Gold Medal = 91-95
  • Silver Medal = 86-90

These awards are given according to the appreciation of the jury to the wines which will have reached a high level of expressioń deserving these distinctions. The results will be communicated at the end of the competition. Each winner will be notified later by e-mail. The CIVR will issue the winners with a “Diploma” document specifying the name of the competition, the nature of the distinction awarded, the identitý of the wine, the category in which the wine competed. Buttons representative of the distinctions awarded may be applied to the bottle and will be available from the CIVR for award-winning wines (subject to stock availability), depending on the volume declared́ on the registration form, in return for a financial contribution. Any other mention of the award obtained is forbidden. The CIVR reserves the exclusive right to control the commercial use of the awards. Unauthorised use, reproduction of the logo, awards and prizes is strictly forbidden. The results of the competition will be publicised as widely as possible of communication (web, specialised newspapers, gastronomic press, etc.).


The wines are classified according to the following categories for part 1:

Grenache* of all colours (minimum 85%)

Wines are classified according to the following categories for section 2:

Grenache* of all colours (minimum 51%)

*Including specific regional or national names: garnatxa, garnacha, vernatxa, tai rosso, cannonau, gamay de trasimeno, bordò, granaccia, lledoner pelut, etc.


If any event outside of the control of the CIVR should impede proper performance of the competition, the G.D.M competition may not be held liable. The CIVR hereby reserves the right to annul the competition, to amend the initially scheduled date, curtail, extend, amend the conditions or performance of the competition in the event of force majeure (epidemic, fire, flooding, natural disaster, strike, terrorist act, etc.), any event outside of its control or justified requirement. Its liability may not be incurred, and no compensation may be claimed by entrants. The CIVR may not be held liable in the event of theft, loss, delay, or problem in the supply of samples.