Conditions for organising tastings

Absolute anonymity is a fundamental principle of the competition. Jury members should not be aware of the identification of the wine, its origins, price, notes and awards received which will guarantee total confidentiality. Commissions formed by the Organiser sit in an isolated, quite and well lit and ventilated room, to which access it strictly prohibited for any person without needing to access the tasting. A second room, out of sight of the jury members, is reserved for uncorking and the anonymity process. In all instances, bottles are placed in packaging which hides the shape of the bottle and guarantees anonymity of the sample. The Organiser guarantees tasters optimal conditions for tasting.

Each wine is tasted individually and non comparatively. Each jury member receives a tasting form. Consideration of the wines will be descriptive and include comments concerning :

  • the visual aspect,
  • the olfactory aspect,
  • the impression on the pallet,
  • the overall impression.


The Organiser guarantees proper performance of the GRENACHES DU MONDE competition by preparing samples, organising and performing the tasting. Thanks to a suitable form, it inspects, processes and publishes results.


Awards : The schedule of awards adopted is a system based on appreciation allowing for classification of wines in competition in line with their intrinsic qualities. The Organiser defines the awards which are for both sections of the G.D.M competition:

  • Gold Medal
  • Silver Medal

These awards, according to the scores obtained, are given to wines that have reached a high level of expression deserving of these distinctions. The results will be announced in May 2022. Each prize winner will be subsequently notified by letter. The IVR issues prize winners with a “Diploma” depending indicating the name of the competition, nature of award, identity of the wine, category in which it was competing, volume declared, as well as the name and address of the holder. Symbols representing awards attributed may be applied to the bottle and will be available with the Organiser for prize-winning wines, in line with the volume declared on the registration form, in return for financial participation. Any other indication of the award is prohibited. The Organiser hereby reserves the exclusive right to inspect commercial use of the awards. Unauthorised use, reproduction of the logo, awards and prizes are strictly prohibited. Results of the competition will be distributed as widely as possible by all communication means (online, specialist press, gourmet press, etc.).



Wines are classified in line with the following categories for section 1 :

Grenache pure white (minimum 85%)
Grenache pure grey (minimum 85%)
Grenache pure black (minimum 85%)
Garnatxa pure (minimum 85%)
Garnacha pure (minimum 85%)
Tai Rosso pure (minimum 85%)
Cannonau pure (minimum 85%)
Gamay del Trasimeno pure (minimum 85%)
Granaccia pure (minimum 85%) 
Borpur(minimum 85%)
Lladoner Pelut (minimum 85%)


Wines under assembly are classified in line with the following categories for section 2 :

Grenache majority white (minimum 51%)
Grenache majority grey (minimum 51%)
Grenache majority black (minimum 51%)
Garnatxa majority (minimum 51%)
Garnacha majority (minimum 51%)
Tai Rosso majority (minimum 51%)
Cannonau majority (minimum 51%)
Gamay del Trasimeno majority (minimum 51%)
Granaccia majority (minimum 51%)
Bordò majority (minimum 51%)
Lladoner Pelut majority (minimum 51%)


The special awards of the GDM competition:

Among the medal-winning wines, the organiser reserves the right to select, during a new tasting, wines that are emblematic of the Grenache grape variety in different categories (types of wine, colours, origins, grape variety, etc.). These wines will be communicated after the competition and the publication of its results.


If an event beyond the control of the organiser were to prevent the competition from running smoothly, CONCOURS G.D.M. may in no case be held responsible. The organiser reserves the right to cancel the competition, to change the date initially planned, to shorten or extend it, to change the conditions or the way it is run in the event of force majeure (epidemic, fire, flood, natural disaster, strike, act of terrorism, etc. ….), of an event beyond its control or of justified necessity. The organiser cannot be held responsible for this and no compensation can be claimed by the participants. The organiser cannot be held responsible in the event of theft, loss, delay or damage in the delivery of samples.