The CIVR reserves the right to cancel any incomplete or erroneous entries and to eliminate any samples that do not comply with the rules. The organiser alone is competent to settle any disputes. The CIVR may carry out an analytical check on prize-winning samples. One month before the competition takes place, the CIVR shall send a notice to the Regional Directorate for Enterprise, Competition, Consumption, Labour and Employment of the region in which the competition takes place, specifying the place and date of the competition and the competition rules. No later than three months after the competition takes place, the CIVR sends the regional directorate for companies, competition, consumption, labour and employment of the region in which the competition takes place a report signed by the person in charge of the internal control system (made up of three members of the organiser’s board of directors) certifying that the competition took place in accordance with the provisions of the regulations and including in particular:

  • The number of wines present at the competition, overall and by category,
  • The number of prize-winning wines, overall and by category,
  • The list of prize-winning wines and, for each prize-winning wine, the details enabling the wine and its owner to be identified,
  • The percentage of prize-winning wines in relation to the number of wines presented,
  • The number of awards granted and their distribution by type of award.

The holder and the competition organiser (CIVR) will keep a sample of each prize-winning wine, the information sheet and its analysis report. These samples are kept at the disposal of the control services (D.G.C.C.R.F.), for a period of one year following the date of the competition. The information sheets and analysis reports will be kept for five years. Samples of the products entered in the competition may be used by the CIVR for promotional or training purposes after the competition. They will not be returned to the producer or trader.