Appointment of the jury

For this 2023 edition in the United States, the evaluation of the samples will be carried out by jurors whose number will depend on the number and type of products presented in the competition. The programme  European Garnacha/Grenache Quality Wine will appoint the jurors. Each panel will consist of 8 jurors in principle. A competitor who is a member of the jury may not judge his or her own wines; in any case, each juror must sign a “no conflict of interest” agreement. The jurors will be selected by the programme  European Garnacha/Grenache Quality Wine from among the best specialists in the USA who are recognised for their expertise in the field of wine tasting (people recognised in the world of wine growing, sommellerie, restaurants or the wine and gastronomy press).

Each bottle will be repackaged under Argon in smaller sizes (1 bottle of 75 Cl = 4 samples). The repackaging will be done in New York before direct delivery to the 8 judges selected for each committee.

The commissions will be made up of importers, agents, distributors, sommeliers, wine merchants, journalists from the professional press and wine influencers (80% Vs 20%).