Appointment of the jury

The evaluation of the samples is carried out by committees of judges, the number of which depends on the number and type of products entered in the competition. The organiser convenes and appoints the judges. Each committee is composed, in principle, of 5 judges (if possible of different nationalities). In no circumstance may the number of judges be less than 3. A competitor who is a member of the jury may not judge his own wines. The judges shall be persons whose qualities as tasters cannot be faulted. The judges are made up of at least three members, at least two thirds of whom are competent and experienced tasters chosen from the wine industry (winegrowers, oenologists, technicians, merchants, brokers, wine representatives) and sommeliers, wine merchants, journalists from the professional press.

The judges are selected by the organiser from among the best specialists recognised for their skills in tasting (people recognised in the world of winegrowing, sommellerie, restaurants or the wine and gastronomy press). The members of the jury will fill in a declaration on honour mentioning their links with wines. Each committee operates under the authority of a president appointed by the organiser. The president of the jury will ensure that the tasting goes smoothly, that the wines served are of good quality, that the tasting sheets are filled in and that they are accredited.

The president of the commission is responsible for overseeing proper performance of tasting operations for samples and :

  1. Guaranteeing confidentiality and anonymity of wines,
  2. Commissioning a second tasting of a sample where deemed necessary by virtue of his discretionary power.

The total number of international jury members is fixed in line with the number of samples.