Appointment of the jury

The samples are evaluated blind by juries, the number of which depends on the number and type of products submitted to the competition. The organiser convenes and appoints the juries. Each committee is composed, in principle, of 5 judges (preferably of different nationalities). In no case may the number of jury members be less than 3. Competitors who are members of the jury may not judge their own wines. Jury members must be persons of irreproachable tasting ability. The juries are composed of a minimum of three members, at least two thirds of whom are competent and experienced tasters chosen from the wine sector (winegrowers, oenologists, technicians, merchants, brokers, wine representatives) and sommeliers, wine merchants and journalists from the specialised press.


The members of the jury are selected by the organiser from among the best tasting specialists recognised for their expertise (people recognised in the world of viticulture, sommellerie, catering or the oenological and gastronomic press). Jury members are required to fill in a sworn declaration stating their links with the wines. Each committee operates under the authority of a chairman appointed by the organiser. The chairman of the panel will oversee the smooth running of the tasting, the quality of the wines served and the completion and accreditation of the tasting sheets.


The chairman of the panel is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the tasting of the samples and for:


Guarantee the absolute anonymity of the wines,

Ordering a second tasting of a sample when he/she deems it useful, by virtue of his/her discretionary power.


The total number of international jurors is determined according to the number of samples.