Terms of entry

To be eligible to compete, each participant must register by APRIL 12, 2023 at the latest. The registration form for each product must include:

  • The complete and exact identification of the participant who must be the holder of the right to market or distribute the batch corresponding to the sample,
  •  The exact designation of the product, according to the regulations of the country of origin, the colour, the vintage or a mention of age and the possible contact with wood,
  • The category of the product (dry wine, sweet wine, sparkling wine…),
  •  The percentage and colour of the Grenache grape variety present in the wine, as well as the other grape varieties used in the blend, if any,
  • The volume of the product, available for sale, corresponding to the sample.

 This registration form must also be accompanied by

  •  A recent analysis report, carried out by an approved laboratory or by a competent laboratory in accordance with the law of the country and which stipulates the following elements
  • Actual and potential alcoholic strength
  • Residual sugars (glucose + fructose)
  • Volatile aciditý expressed in meq/l
  • Total aciditý expressed in meq/l
  • Total sulphur dioxide in mg/l
  • Overpressure due to carbon dioxide for sparkling wines (expressed in bar).
  • Payment (cheque for France only, bank transfer or credit card).

The CIVR will receive the samples, the registration fees (corresponding to the transport and logistic costs for 2023 with regard to the USA) and will eliminate the wines that do not comply with the regulations. Any application form not accompanied by the payment of the above-mentioned fees and the documents listed above will be refused. The information given on the registration form is the responsibility of the author.